51 Gamer/Nerd Jokes

by MCAmanda on January 13, 2010

These jokes are going to rock your world! Prepare yourselves . . .

1 – Q: What did Luigi say to Mario when Mario was itching all over?
A: It’sa Fleas, Mario!

2 – Q: What is Zelda’s favorite breakfast side dish?
A: A sausage Link.

3 – One day a farmer forgot to feed his horse because he was too busy playing Nintendo, which just goes to show you that you should always put the horse before the Mario Kart.

4 – Q: What is Homer Simpson’s favorite ice cream? A: Chocolate-chip cookie DOH!

5 – Before he became a menace to the Mario crew, King Koopa was a menace to society as a young rapper. His rapper name, Lil’ Bow Zer.

6 – Q: Why did Frogger cross the road?
A: Because you’ve been playing the game for hours and you’ve finally beat this level.

7 – Q: What is a Tombraider’s favorite after school snack?
A: Croft’s macaroni and cheese.

8 – Q: What do The Force and duct tape have in common? A: They both have a light side and a dark side, and they both hold the universe together.

9 – Q: What do you call the Nintendo Wii in France?
A: A Nintendo Yes.

10 – Q: What was Bomber Man arrested for?
A: Indecent Explosure.

11 – Yo Mama so stupid, she thought that RPG was how fast Mario’s Kart was going.

12 – Q: What is Batman’s favorite fruit?
A: (To the tune of the Batman Theme Song) Ba-na-na-na-na-Nanas!

13 – Q: What illegal substance does a gamer use to bulk up faster?
A: Aste-roids.

14 – Q: What does Princess Peach sit on at a bar?
A: A toad stool.

15 – Q: What is Pikachu’s favorite childern’s song?
A: The Hokey Pokemon.

16 – Q: What do you call a flying cow?
A: Moogull.

17 – Sonic the Hedgehog just got a statue of himself made, so now he’s a rock and roller.

18 – Q: Which video game system is always late for school?
A: Atardi.

19 – Q: What does Donkey Kong do when he sees a boat?
A: He goes ape ship.

20 – Q: What is Paul McCartney’s favorite video game console?
A: Nintendo 64. ( Not a great joke, so just, Let it Bii)

21 – Q: What did the WWF wrestler say to his video game controller?
A: Are you ready to rumble pack?!

22 – Q: What’s the most pointless fighting game?
A: Immortal Combat.

23 – Mario and Luigi hit the jackpot in Vegas, so now they’re The Super Mario Cash Brothers.

24 – Q: What do you call a pokemon that tries to watch girls undress?
A: Peek-at-chu.

25 – I would have liked the Space Invaders bar but there really was no atmosphere.

26 – Q: What does Lulu like to do after dinner?
A: To take a Wakka.

27 – Q: What do you call a robot that steals cars?
A: Grand Left Boto

28 – Did you hear about Donkey Kong and the Misses? She went bananas, so they split.

29 – Q: Which video game character really sucks?
A: Kirby.

30 – Q: What does Scrooge McDuck have to do when Huey, Louie and Dewey get arrested?
A: Post Duck Bails.

31 – Q: What is the sound that Toad makes when he explodes?
A: Mush-BOOM!

32 – Q: What is Mega Man’s favorite diet beverage?
A: Dr. Light.

33 – Q: What do you call a cross between Spielberg and a Wookiee?
A: Jew-Bacca

34 -  Q: What’s a toilets favorite game?
A: Call of Doodie

35 -  Q: What is Yoshi when he gets hurt?
A: Dino- sore

36 – Q: What do you get when you cross the  video game, Madden NFL and a ill hamburger?
A: Madden Cow Disease

37 – Yo Mama is so dumb, she thought DDR was an extra qualified doctor!

38 – Q: What do you call it when rodents save Christmas?
A: Chip and Dale Rescue Manger.

39 – Q: Why do Koopa-Troopas find the world so off putting?
A: Because they’ve lived a SHELL-tered life.

40 – So Link was trying to open a heavy door when Navi told him, “Triforce”

41 – Q: What’s a gamers favorite candy?
A: Nerds.

42 – Q: What would did George Lucas call the outtakes from Star Wars?
A: Storm Bloopers.

43 – Q: What do the vegetarian Left 4 Dead zombies say?
A: Graaaiiinnns, graaaiiinnns.

44 – Q: Where would they bring Mega Man’s dead body?
A: The Cy-morgue.

45 – Did you hear that Wario opened an art supply store? Yeah, he name it World of Wario Crafts.

46 – Q: What does the Donkey Kong arcade game and Nicholas Cage’s acting have in common?
A: They both know how to kill a screen.

47 – Q: How many ears does Mr. Spock have?
A: Three: his left ear, his right ear, and his final front ear.

48 – Knock knock. Who’s there? Jimmy. Jimmy who? Jimmy the controller, I want to play now!

49 – Q: What do you get when you cross Black Sabbath and Twizzlers?
A: Twisted Metal

50 – Q: Why is Toad invited to every party?
A: Because he’s a Fun-gi!

51 – Q: What would the Mario brothers say about all these terrible jokes I wrote?
A: Overalls, they weren’t so bad.

You’re Welcome  : )

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