And You Thought Your XBox Was A Reality Escape

by AlexW on July 27, 2010 · 0 comments

So, you probably haven’t heard much about it, but there is a slight oil problem going on in the Gulf of Mexico. A problem that, like all others, is not one that game developers are above profiting off of.

A few weeks ago, an indy game on the XBox Live Marketplace made an appearance. Crisis In The Gulf is its name, killing oil by shooting at it is its game.

It may only entertain you for ten minutes or so, but for 80 Microsoft Points, that’s about all a rational person would expect. The tower defense-ish game is worth the buck and change to take for a spin, if for no reason other than to see the “dp” logo displayed while the disclaimer informs you any relation to real companies and events is coincidental. I don’t know how the developers of this game walk with balls that big.

Though you’ll tire of it quickly, anything keeping the disaster this game coincidentally resembles so closely fresh in our minds deserves support. After all, firing lasers at an oil spill is no worse than the ideas “experts” have tried so far.

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