Another year of Madden, another year of no competition.

by W1nterS0ldier on August 20, 2010 · 1 comment

The cover athlete Terrel Owens, before he played for the Cowboys, Bills, Bengals and starred in his own reality show.

It’s that time of the year sports game fans, the annual release of football’s Madden. The release of Madden is always a joyous occasion for football fans and gamers. However, with each release of Madden I can’t help but think that the series is just spinning its wheels with each new release. I have nothing against the series but I just wish that the NFL 2K series were still around.

The best time to be a video game football fan was when the NFL 2K series, dropped to $20 for initial sale. This move let the conusmers know that their game was less than half off of Madden and that they were willing to do what whatever it took to challenge Madden for best football game on the market. The 2K series tried several different methods to distance itself from Madden. The first person perspective that the 2K series implemented across several of its sports titles was clumsy yet inspired. It showed that they were willing to think outside the box in order to overtake Madden as the standard bearer for football games.

When EA Sports bought the NFL license, this set off a chain of events that has affected the world of sports simulations. The purchase of Madden basically undercut all the hard work that the 2K series put into making the NFL as realistic as possible. The last two installments of the NFL 2K series implemented ESPN into its presentation. From the way the highlights were replayed to the appearance of Chris Berman, the 2K series was as close as a real NFL broadcast could be.

The sale of the NFL License to EA led to the 2K series to try and gain ground on Madden but to no avail. Without any noticeable competition in sight, Madden has grown into an unstoppable juggernaut. There have been several football games since the NFL license was sold, but it’s hard to get into a football game without the actual players and teams in the game.

I used to play Madden regularly but I haven’t bought the game since Madden 07. As sports games moved to the current generation of consoles, I didn’t want to pay $60 for a game that would be outdated within a year. I would be more inclined to play but I feel that I don’t have the same sense of interest for sports games in this current generation of consoles. I don’t dislike the Madden series, it’s just too bad that the series can basically release a game with minimal changes without worry of real competition.

As both a sports and video games fan, I miss the days when there where competing licenses for sports titles. The 2K series of sports games represented a time when sports titles could truly flourish and aspire for greatness. Hopefully in a few years the license will be up for grabs again and Madden can be challenged again so that football fans will reap the rewards of solid competition.

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Mike August 26, 2010 at 7:16 am

Why would they make TO the cover athlete?

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