Indie Alley: Gravitron360

by Paul Hummer on August 31, 2010 · 1 comment


Indie Alley is all about the indie game scene, where games are made based on their merit and less on their marketing.

Gravitron360 is a pretty simple space shooter.  As a space ship, you fly around saving people, blowing up planet generators, and then getting out before the planet becomes too unstable.  It’s available on XBLIG for 80MSP ($1).

When I first picked up Gravitron360, I immediately identified it as similar to PixelJunk Shooter for the Playstation.  Oh, how wrong I really was.  While the idea, graphics, and mechanics may be similar, navigating the game is incredibly painful.  I found myself crashing into things far too often, merely because the controls for the game made little sense, and I often got confused which button did what.

As I played through it, multiple people watching said “This game doesn’t look very fun” and “What is the point of this game?”  My responses?  It’s not very fun, and while I know the point of the game, it’s not worth enough to me to actually keep playing…  Sure, the game was only $1, but just because an Indie game is cheap doesn’t mean it’s allowed to be bad.

I was disappointed with the game itself. I feel like the developers should have played the game more before releasing it, so they could find out firsthand that their potentially fun game was ruined by a bad control scheme.

1 star.

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James Joell-Ireland September 14, 2010 at 2:00 pm


Did you ever consider you were just totally shit at the game? Gravitron360 is one of the best crafted games on XLIG. I’d have paid 400 MS points for this game without question. It’s beautifully crafted and it’s shield system is wonderfully executed. You don’t feel cheated like you do in Moonbase and Defender. Sorry to get grumpy but seriously, this game is ranked in my view as the best XLIG game out there, just ahead of Gerbil Physics.

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