Sucker Punch Productions: Reliving the Past

by Fallen Brigade on January 2, 2011 · 0 comments

The Signature symbol for the Cooper Gang

I will take you back to a time where Sony reigned supreme. No one questioned which was better PS2 or Xbox because it was obvious the Playstation 2 was and still is the leading contender for highest selling console of all time. People considered the PS3 to be a Sony Flop claiming it was too expensive. And I would agree the only reason I had an Xbox was because the PS3 was too expensive and the Wii was sold out. Although I have had my PS3 for about a year and I do not regret getting rid of my Xbox. The PS3 was viewed and still is viewed, compared to 360, as having “no games”, which of course is a load of crap. When Sony released its blockbuster games such as God of War 3 the price dropped and PS3 got that kick in the pants needed to excel.

When I played my PS3 there were 3 series of games that to this day hold a spot in my favorite games of all time, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper.  Sly Cooper is made by Sucker Punch Productions a relatively unknown company at the dawn of their first Sly Cooper game in 2002. During E3 I was able to relive my classic PS2 gaming days when they debuted “The Sly Cooper Collection”, a collection of all three classic adventure-stealth games originally on the PS2. I could not wait to actually own the game and spend hours collection all of the clues and pages to the Thievious Raccoonus. I picked up the game late November and when I saw the opening credits to the first installment my memories came rushing back. I think I even shed a tear or two.

For Sucker Punch to revive a classic (in my eyes) is one hell of a big leap. At first I was scared as I did not know what changes could have been made. To my relief they changed next to nothing gameplay and story wise. With all three games on one disc you can easily navigate through all the games and a small interactive menu as well. The “Sly Cooper Collection” has recaptured my love for the series and has given me the honor of replaying the trilogy. As I mentioned before the games have not changed, the enhanced graphics and smoother controls make the game much better. They story has remained unchanged and when playing through you still can’t help but feel as though you are a part of the Cooper Gang. Traveling across the world trying to reclaim your family honor, stop a nefarious villain from being resurrected, and unlock the secret of the family vault the Sly Collection is a nostalgic experience for any avid PS2 player.

The games still hold their caliber from the good old days and playing as Sly Cooper has never felt so good. The Second Sly Cooper introduced Bentley “The Brains” and Murray “The Brawn” as playable characters with separate missions. This added extra gameplay gave Sly 2 more playability and gave you a sense of how each of the characters has their own specific skills. Sly 2 also introduced upgrades presented as gadgets to make your missions easier and more interactive. Sly 3 takes place sometime after Sly 2 and revolves around you gathering team members to join your gang to perform the ultimate heist in Cooper Clan history. With additional characters even playing as a former Fiendish Five member it is easily the most interactive title of the Sly Cooper series. All of these traditional elements are preserved and remastered into the PS3 port. And for the price of 40 dollars for 3 classic games with added Playstation Move minigames there is no reason to not have this game in your collection.

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