Two Weeks Of Counterstrike Clans

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For the last two weeks I have been playing with three clans on an oldie but goody, Counterstrike. I remember the first time I played, it was about 8 years ago and the map was de_rats. I played it at an internet cafe against the owner and got beat over and over again from him running up behind me and stabbing me in the back. He never once purchased a gun and dropped his hand gun. Tho it was frustrating I kept at it and one year later entered into my competition against 50 other players. I didn’t win, but came in the top 20.

The three clans I have decided to follow I have never played with before and decided to run it like I was a new player and would step up my game little by little each day I play on their server. I would watch their forums and and play on their servers and test their players to see what they do when playing against a retrained player (Which you don’t see to often these days) Below is the information about the three clans I followed and tested.

The three clans I’ve followed for the last two weeks have been PGN, INT, and SI clans. All have web sites and forums, all have members, but not all three where equal in activity. While the PGN and the Si clans had very friendly and active forums with experienced admins and members the INT clans forums has next to nothing in them. On top of that it seems their most active forums is their banned section which all people have to say in there is I guess you where hacking.

However it’s not about the forums it’s about game play! If you have the experience that I have you try to find other players that will offer a challenge for you to play against while having the safety of admins or officials to help get rid of people using game mods (which people refer to as hackers) while being friendly and polite to players. While all three clans do have this I have ran into an issue with two out of the three clans. Both are to opposite extremes!

About Clan SI
Clan Si is the only clan I had zero problems playing along side of. Their admins are friendly, fair and have knowledge of what it takes to spot hackers out of experienced players. I have seen people dominating out of skill and experience as well as cheaters on this server and they have always banned the cheaters and not the skilled.

Who Should Play On Clan SI Servers
If you want a friendly fair competition I highly recommend playing on their servers. Their experience is rarely found and anyone should take note of them.

About Clan PGN

Clan PGN is one of the better clans I have seen in recent years. Their forums are active, they have a lot of experienced members, and most of all their servers are fun to play on. Though the problem I have had with playing on their servers has been a lack of moderators to watch for cheaters. I have seen a lot of people using a speed mod and knifing people in the back. To be honest I played on their server the least amount of time in the last two weeks as I just didn’t have the fun I did playing with the other clans.

Who should Play on Clan PGN Servers
If you would like to play against decent players and even have a good gun game I suggest playing with the PGN clan. They are friendly fair and seem to have some experienced players and admins playing with them.

About Clan INT

Clan INT is the worst of the three clans I played with during the last two weeks. Tho they have fun maps and have some decent members and admins if you are an experienced player you will have no real challenge playing against their members and the chances are you will get banned for playing you’re game well. Their admins do not like being beat and do not like it when a player on their server is just better than them and will ban them with out spectating them. While some of their admins can tell the difference between a good player and a cheater I would say that over half of them cannot. They should take a closer look at Clan Si’s forums and learn how to properly spot a cheater and how to have you’re admins back up their banns.

Who Should Play On Clan INT server:
Well the short answer is no one should play on their servers, but I cannot say that.. I would say if you are new to the game and want to learn how to play on fun maps but in a chaotic environment these servers are for you. Just remember to bail out once you have an understanding of game play before you are banned or kicked for giving their admins a challenge.

The last two weeks I have relearned what it’s like to be a new player to Counterstrike looking for a clan to play with and to further my experience. I have played my worst game possible and my best on all servers. Tho I have made many enemies while playing my best I have made many more friends who where willing to take the challenge of beating an experienced player and had fun trying or even doing it.

Special thanks for clan PGN and SI for use of you’re severs and for being an unwilling participant in my two week long study of CS clans and a very special thanks to clan INT for being part of the reason why this experiment was.

Clan SI: My Favorite Server :
Clan PGN: My Favorite Server:
Clan INT: My Favorite Server: N/A

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