What makes you play a game even after you beat it?

by W1nterS0ldier on August 27, 2010 · 3 comments

I recently thought to myself, what compels someone to play a game numerous times? My roommates both have played two completely different games an incredible amount of times. He has played Super Mario All Stars on the Super Nintendo and beaten Super Mario Bros. 3 at least 30 times. I have even played and beaten the game twice.

Even after beating the game he has gone back and played it over and over. I asked him why he does and he said that it’s not even his favorite game. He likes the fact that it’s nostalgic and that he still feels that he can improve his technique to beat the game even faster. He’s even gone on YouTube to see the best methods for speed runs on the game.

This type of dedication in beating a game is something that I can relate to. I have played games just to get certain achievement points. There are two games that I have completely gotten full achievement points on, Lego Batman and the Bourne Conspiracy. I enjoyed both games very much but I played them to the point of getting the achievements not by playing them for fun. I enjoyed the games but I had less fun trying to unlock the achievements.

My other roommate has played the PlayStation 2 game Rule of Rose numerous times. Her reasons for playing the game so many times is that she likes unlocking secrets and finding glitches relative to the story in the game. She will scour FAQs which reveal story elements that are not unlocked in the first playthrough. The added playthroughs also make it easier to understand the story and fully comprehend what the themes and ideas in the game.

I have played only a handful of games from beginning to end. The one game that I have played from beginning to end repeatedly is probably my favorite game of all time, Resident Evil 4. The story of the game was engrossing and the gameplay was fantastic. The first time I played that game I had the flu but I kept on playing because I didn’t want to put the game down. The second time that I played through the game was much better because I could still process the game better and was able to play and not want to throw up. Even though the game was a horror survival game, the scares and chills remained the same as the first playthough of the game. The area where you have to wait for the elevator to activate is still the scariest moment in the game for me.

Another game I played recently and beat was Mega Man X. Even thought I beat Mega Man X recently, I don’t have any desire to play the game anytime soon. I enjoyed the game very much but yet I don’t really want to play it again. I feel that once you beat a game, there really is no compelling reason to play again. I have played numerous games throughout my gaming life, and I haven’t really played that many games over and over again.

There’s nothing wrong with playing a game over and over again. It’s just that its harder to play a game after you beat it, unless it is really an amazing game. More power to people playing a game over and over again.

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VideogamePromo October 26, 2010 at 3:57 pm

I’ve always been more interested in playing specific parts…most recent play through was Uncharted 2…when the game allows it, i tend to save right before interesting parts just in case i want to play it again…

sdfsdfsd December 7, 2010 at 1:51 am

een more interested in playing specific parts…most recent play through was Uncharted 2…when the game allows it, i tend to save right before interesting parts just in case i want to play it again…

sciafb November 22, 2011 at 1:40 pm

I’d say that there are games which you notice a level of intrigue, where mario 3 for example, you know its pretty easy to just walk through a level and time your jumps without running around too much, but what if you tried running as fast as you can and tried not to lose your momentum to beat each level, it would hella fun to test yourself. I think that helps make some games ask you to play them again.
For others, there are those scenes where the action is so cool, and its something you only get to see deep into a campaign story that the only real way to experience them is to play through to it again.

So I think it certainly differs from person to person, but for me, depending on the type of game, I either want to challenge myself, challenge the limits of a game, or experience some really great moments again.

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